Company founded in 2005, by a group of engineers skilled in computer technology and telecommunications, it was born to dealing with network design, software and services development and it is well specialized in research and development, wired data network implementation and management, computer science security solutions and event-driven software development. In the project implementation, NetSense will handling networking, aggregation algorithms and Smart VPN Bonding load-balancing, IoT protocols, Internet access (3G,4G, WiFi), sensors software integration, distributed operating system development, web platform implementation for services and finally, testing the real-time audio/video communication quality of services.




Company sets in Catania, it was born in July 2009, thanks to its founding members experience in ICT area. It works with services production, marketing and supply in electronic, remote control and automation field, with integrated handling systems, with telecommunications and home automation systems and with improving energy efficient systems. Homatron will contribute to AvIoT through the implementation of the system architecture, the sensors and modem 3G/4G integration, radio channel, low power operations and the batteries efficiency management.





Young and dinamic Spinf-Off company, founded in 2012 by the Robotics course members of the Electrical, Elettronic and Computer Science Engineering Department of the University of Catania, it intends to be a reliable partner that supports the customer in planning, developing and building solid and modern systems and architectures. The team is formed by engineers and researchers and it has a really strong technological and technical know-how, both in robotics and automation control. Etnamatica will oversee the design and realization of a Smart Navigation System, along with control and soft-computing algorithms and policies in order to obtain high level smart navigations, backup systems and remote data recovery, identification and localization systems on cloud.





AvIoT will take advantage of highly specialized university research consultancies, which belong to already known group in this area. These consultings will integrate the all companies competences and know-how. The department we’re speaking of is the DIEEI, which will deal with the achieving objectives examination (Industrial Research), through studies focused on some key aspects of the project, for example a trusted environment implementation, used for certified applications, on sensors and “Smart Dust” network, on smart online resources allocation available on board, on Wavelet technique…