The project is divided into six Achieving Goals (OR), and each OR is organized into Activities. Each partner is entrusted with two OR, one of Industrial Research and one of Experimental Development. The first one includes the “Activity 0” which consists of a technical-scientific coordination moment between the partners, while the second one includes the “Integration Activity“, which will take place during the last six months of the project development and consists of putting together all the technologies used and performing tests.
The Industrial Research Activity (RI) is more focused on the first 2⁄3 of the project life, while the Experimental Development Activity (SS) is concentrated on the final 2⁄3 .







      OR1 Communication, networking and virtualization (RI)

The purpose of this OR is creating an innovative distributed operating system able to handle all the resources inside the drone, relying on the Cloud and in tune with the Internet Of Things and Software Defined Network definition.


     ●  A1.0 Technical-scientific Coordination
     ●  A1.1 QoS Assessment techniques
     ●  A1.2 Trusted Execution Environment
     ●  A1.3 Hardware Virtualization
     ●  A1.4 Distributed Operating System


      OR2 Development on Cloud and vertical applications (SS)

It is proposed to develop complex applications which exploit the drones capacity to communicate with the Cloud, using its  computational and networking properties.


            ●  A2.1 Smart VPN Bonding
     ●  A2.2 Remote Control System
     ●  A2.3 Geo-fencing
     ●  A2.4 Precision Farming demonstrative application
     ●  A2.5  Civil Defence demonstrative application
     ●  A2.6 Integration


      OR3 Robotics and autopilot (RI)

It aims to design a Smart Navigation System (SNS) to simplify the aircraft configuration and flight planning. The SNS will consist of two devices, the Autopilot and the Flight Control Computer System (FCCS), both in communication with the Remote Control System through the Gateway IoT.


     ●  A3.0 Technical-scientific Coordination
     ●  A2.2 Control Avioncs (Autopilot and Flight Computer)
     ●  A2.3 Control and navigation algorithms


      OR4 Development on board and trusted applications (SS)

It is wanted to implement and to test the Smart Navigation System functionalities, in order to increase the drone security level, as well as its flight planning.


     ●  A4.1 Decentralized Driving Backup System
     ●  A4.2 Smart Decentralized Recovery System
     ●  A4.3 Cloud Transponder
     ●  A4.4 Integration


      OR5 Distributed-sensing algorithms and techniques (RI)

It aspires to support  the advanced techniques research of design, assembly and enjoying sensors, focusing, in particular, on low cost and long autonomy sensors, which are directly connected to fluid wireless networks.


     ●  A5.0 Technical-scientific Coordination
     ●  A5.2 Sensors suited for applications of interest
     ●  A5.3 Optimization of weights and consumptions


      OR6 Hardware and Firmware Design (SS)

The main interest is implementing modular design techniques of electronics on aircraft and  its corresponding firmware.


     ●  T6.1 Modular Design
     ●  T6.2 Integration