The ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) actual rules provide for flight borders on some areas, for example all those close to the airports or critical infrastructures like prisons or power plant.
Geofencing Dji, is an application that looks like a database and wants to show to the drones pilot if the take-off area has limitations or flight prohibition, in order to support a conscious and careful using of the drones, as well as, respecting the current regulations.

The application divides the airspace into four areas:



Green Zone:  flight free zone;
Advanced Green Zone: still a flight free zone, but it will be required the user authorization to flight;
Yellow Zone:  zone where some flight restrictions are active, for example close to airports. The users will be advised with a message and if they wants to flight there, they will have to unlock the application through an verified account;
Forbidden Red Zone:  red zone where the flight is absolutely forbidden. The drone won’t be able to flight over these zones, because the taking-off is blocked via firmware.

Unluckily, the Geofencing Dji fours zones we have talked about above, are not accurate yet, so for detailed information it is advised to consult the aviation maps, available on the Enav (company that manage all the civilian air traffic in Italy) website.


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