Drones belonging to the FireFighter Department on the ruins of Amatrice (Lazio, Italy) and Rigopiano hotel (Abruzzo, Italy), Police drones on Taormina sky during the G7 conference, Civil Defence drones for the Pope Francesco’ s visit in Bologna. We’re watching an exponential increase of the Remotly Piloted Aircraft diffusion (APR), which are super useful for every law enforcement need, as well as  for the Civil Defence and the humanitarian organizations. Ten years ago, Italy started staring at the drones technology, and it was the first in Europe, to use it through the Predator, a surveillance drone that is remotely controlled and used in the Italian Air Force. This was just the beginning, even because the drones market linked to security and emergency support is going to grow up over and over the years, as well as its applications: investigations, intelligence, Civil Defence, immigration surveillance, critical infrastructures control and important celebrations, estate protection, fire and natural calamities monitoring. The drones were introduced at the SECURITY EXPO 2017 for the second time,  and a lot of companies were there to talk about security and drones and the new technologies in the market both in Italy and abroad.

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