American Robotics, American company headquartered in Boston, has recently created “Scout”,  a system which goes beyond the concept of the classic drone. We are speaking of a real autonomous infrastructure able to perform daily flight mission, as well as handling the aircraft power saving, the transmission and elaboration of the data gathered by the multispectral camera of which the drone is equipped.
Scout was created to realize the idea of farming context optimization, reducing wastefulness and improving the production in order to compensate the cultivable land decrease and the increase of the world population. Certainly the combination between drones and precision farming can make the difference, reshaping all the classic farming methodology but this process will need to implement new protocols, in line with the new technologies, as well as specialized hardware, in order to improve the system performance.
“Scout” can be considered, with no doubt, a perfect springboard for this new idea; It has been distributed in several American companies this summer. The overall infrastructure consists of a drone equipped with multispectral cameras and a station, resistant to all the atmospheric agents and which handles take-off, landing, battery charging and data elaboration.

Reese MozerAmerican Robotics Co-Fondatore and CEO has decleared: “The technology behind Scout was developed after working with farmers and ag professionals to understand the unique logistical and economic challenges they face. As a result, Scout is the first practical, industrial drone system that truly addresses the needs of this industry. Full-automation is a key ingredient in the future of precision farming, and we’re eager and excited to finally deliver this capability to our customers.”




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